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Auralite 23 Rock Stone



Do you know what ‘Feng Shui Sha’ is?

‘Feng Shui Sha’ is a type of bad energy that exists in and around our environment. If it is not cleansed in time, it may affect your career, wealth, family and luck.

This is when you need the Auralite 23 Rock Stone to cleanse the Feng Shui Sha.

The Talimu Auralite 23 Rock Stone is made up of 23 minerals from Canada. This all-natural billion-year-old gemstone contains an extremely powerful aura. The energy of the Auralite 23 Rock Stone is more powerful than the electromagnetic waves emitted by other crystals; The more patterns the gemstone has, the higher the value and the more powerful the magnetic field; the brighter the colour, the stronger the aura.


  • Defeating and preventing disasters
  • Cleansing “Tai Shu Sha”
  • Warding off evil spirits in your home
  • Increasing wealth and attracting good fortune
  • Improving overall luck
  • Promotes harmonious family relationships


According to the founder of Talimu, the local native elders in Canada say that the city of Thunder Bay have a patron saint named Kuhannliddi. The Auralite 23 Rock Stone has the energy of the Star of the Emperor, which is known to be the reincarnation of Kuhannliddi. Being in possession of the Auralite 23 Rock Stone gives you the magnetic energy of the Purple Star, also known as “Kuhan Energy”.

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