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Auralite 23 Bracelet



The Auralite 23 is a combination of 23 mineral resonances, and contains an extremely powerful aura, making it a gemstone that possesses its own spirituality. The more patterns an Auralite 23 bead has, the higher its value and the more powerful its magnetic field; the brighter the color, the higher the aura it emits.


  • Improve wealth and attract partial wealth
    Many crystals are worn on the left hand, but the Auralite 23 is the opposite, it is more powerful than the energy brought by the general citrine by wearing it on the right hand. It’s not only enhancing your partial fortune, but also enhances your overall personal fortune.


  • Stabilize career development
    Just like all the workers who wants to have a chance to get a promotion in their career and also salary increment, it is suitable to wear the Auralite 23 bracelet to get the energy of the Purple Wealth Star to increase their ranking.


  • Facilitate relationships
    The Auralite 23 bracelet contains of obsidian, it’s helps to maintain and promotes the relationship between husband and wife, but also suppresses and cuts off bad karma, bad luck and prevents the involvement of a mistress.


  • Solving insomnia problems
    For those who often have nightmares, you can place the Auralite 23 bracelet in the corner of the bed, on the left side for men and on the right side for women; this will prevent nightmares and the uncomfortable feeling of being pressed into the bed, thus achieving quality sleep.


  • Ward off evil and keep safe
    After special enlightenment by the master, the Auralite 23 bracelet can be placed on the car to bless the safety of driver and passengers and also prevent car accidents.


  • Purify the magnetic field and strengthen the aura
    The special feature of the Auralite 23 bracelet is that this stone is suitable for planting foundations. After being enlightened by the master, it can achieve the effect of avoiding evil and harmonizing the magnetic field of the family, as well as enhancing the overall vitality of the environment.


  • Improve overall luck
    From the perspective of the chakras, the Auralite 23 bracelet corresponds to the full range of energy to open the seven chakras, which can enhance personal health and improve the overall luck. The Auralite 23 bracelet has powerful healing abilities and can effectively balance the energy of the whole body.


In addition, the Auralite 23 bracelet is a full-fledged gemstone with the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth, which can effectively moderate whichever 5 elements energy you lack of, hence the Auralite 23 bracelet is suitable for everyone.

*Stones and metal weights are indicative only. Non-contractual values.