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Intro to Feng Shui


It is an ancient Chinese practice of adjusting the spatial arrangement, orientation and elements in order to produce positive qi. Feng shui was one of the three central disciplines in Ancient China covering geomancy, prophesy, astrology.

It’s a Chinese art of arranging buildings, rooms and objects in a way that will enable positive energy to flow through. According to this system you can make your surroundings beneficial for your luck by putting the right things in the right place.

Feng shui is based upon five natural elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, and Metal. The belief is that these elements are the basic building blocks of life, each having certain characteristics which when properly placed can attract positive energy or luck, wealth, health and happiness to your home.

And there’s scientific evidence that shows this works! A study done by Japanese researchers at the Tohoku University showed that hospital patients got well faster and had shorter stays when their rooms were facing a certain direction.

When this direction was away from the main door of the hospital, patients needed more time to recover and stayed longer! There are also different feng shui schools. One is bagua, which uses diagrams called kua, showing relationships between nine triangular shapes based on the five elements.

Another school is xing shui (pronounced shee), using shapes and symbols to represent the feng shui principles. People who follow this system focus on home decoration according to Feng Shui guidelines, creating a harmonious and pleasant environment in their house.

When you design your room according to these principals, you will feel relaxed and at ease. There are different types of feng shui: inauspicious and auspicious (also called po keung, or flying star). Inauspicious feng shui is when the arrangement in your bedroom or living room is not optimal for you.

Auspicious feng shui only applies to your office, since it is the place where you spend most of your time. Inauspicious feng shui can affect our life in a negative way, even if we don’t know about it! In some cases people might not be aware that their surroundings influence their luck or state of mind. That’s why it’s good to ask a feng shui master to help you and avoid problems.

What does attaining good Feng Shui do?

Feng Shui assists with improving the aura of your home and all aspects your life. Feng Shui can help people and their future generations become wealthy and prosperous. It also helps improve quality of your sleep and bring forth other health benefits, but this does not mean that you should stop exercising or watching your diet. On top of all of that, Feng Shui can aid in confidence for social skills, strengthening marriage and relationships.

The ability to understand the energy that Feng Shui brings, will allow you to use it well to make your life better.