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Master Addison Foo is the founder of Talimu Metaphysics and Geomancy Division which combines ancient traditions and modern ideas, aims to use advanced technology, in-depth integration and innovation to help people adjust their fortune.


Home Feng Shui

Good home Feng Shui can promote harmony within your family, improve the quality of sleep and strengthen the health of your family members. Not only that, good home Feng Shui can help in other aspects for the entire household, be it wealth, career, education or even marriage.


Business Feng Shui

Have you ever wondered why your business is not running as smoothly as you hoped even though you have made sure your business is in a good location, have good products, good management and a good business model? This could be because you are lacking good Feng Shui conditions! Good Feng Shui can help you think clearly so that you can make the right decisions, possibly leading to more business opportunities. Of course, good Feng Shui can promote staff harmony, smooth daily operations, and also improve staff morale and productivity, amongst other things.


Bazi Reading & Analysis

Do you feel overwhelmed and confused by the uncertainty of the future? Worried that making the wrong decisions will have a negative impact on you? Bazi Readings can help you understand the ups and downs of your overall fortune, so that you can avoid your shortcomings and make the best decision for yourself!

Confucius said, “There is no gentleman who does not know his destiny”, and Bazi Reading is definitely not superstition. An orthodox, professional and experienced Master Addison can calculate the ups and downs of one’s fortune based on personal Bazi, so that one can build up one’s strength when one’s fortune is in the doldrums and take advantage of the ups and downs when one’s fortune is high!