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Auralite 23 Pendant



This pendant features an Auralite 23 gemstone that has a composition of 23 mineral resonances, containing extremely powerful spiritual aura. The more patterns the Auralite 23 Pendant has, the higher the value and the more powerful the magnetic field; the brighter the colour, the stronger the aura.


  • Improving health and wealth
    Griffin, commonly known as the “Western Pixie” which is a western mythical beast that guards the mountains. It is commonly associated with royalty and wealth, and is known as a divine animal that brings wealth to the people. Legend has it that the mines of Talimu Canada were once frequented by Griffin, with sightings of its footprints. The Auralite 23 pendant is made specifically with the fortune of Griffin in mind.


  • Stabilise career development
    It helps to wear the Auralite 23 pendant if one is looking to enhance their career, be it a pay rise or a promotion. The Auralite 23 bracelet draws the energy of the Purple Wealth Star to increase career opportunities.


  • Facilitating relationships
    The Auralite 23 pendant contains of obsidian, a mineral known to maintain and promote the relationship between lovers. At the same time, it suppresses bad karma, bad luck and even discourages the chance of infidelity.


  • Assisting with sleep
    For those who have difficulty with sleep, an Auralite 23 pendant is often placed in the right corner of the bed for women, and the left corner of the bed for men. This will prevent nightmares and sleep paralysis, allowing you to have quality sleep.


  • Road safety
    After special cleansing by a master, the Auralite 23 pendant can be placed in any part of the car to bless the safety of its driver and passengers, and also to prevent car accidents.


  • Purifying the magnetic field and strengthening aura
    One of the special features of the Auralite 23 pendant is that this stone is ideal for setting solid foundations. After being cleansed by a master, it has the power to ward off evil, harmonise the magnetic field of your family, and enhance the overall vitality of any environment.


  • Improve overall luck
    In regards to Chakra points, the Auralite 23 pendant corresponds to all points of the Chakra system, opening up all seven chakras at once. This enhances personal health and improves your overall luck. Because of this, this gemstone is said to have powerful healing abilities and can effectively balance the energy of the whole body.


*Stones and metal weights are indicative only. Non-contractual values.