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Auralite 23 Nine Palaces



The Nine Palaces are arranged according to the Luo Shu, the trajectory of the flying stars from the middle palace as the starting point, and then in accordance with the sequence of the Luo Shu. Therefore, the trajectory of the flying stars is also known as the Luo Shu trajectory.

The Auralite 23 Nine Palaces is made with 1.2-1.5-billion-year-old crystals from Canada. It contains 23 different minerals, making this a gemstone with an extremely powerful spiritual aura.


  • Attract and enhance wealth and treasure
    One of the auspicious stars of the Auralite 23 Nine Palaces is called the Eight White, which is of the five elements of earth and represents merit and wealth. So, placing the Auralite 23 Nine Palaces in your home or office can attract significant wealth.


  • Increase good relationships and improve relationship luck
    The One White symbolises the power and popularity of people, and the energy it emits helps to improve relationships between lovers.


  • Increases wisdom and contributes to academic progress
    The Star of Four Greens, also known as the Star of the Moon, is one of the nine auspicious stars of the Auralite 23 Nine Palaces. It is a symbol of wisdom, intelligence and education; that is to say, if you are studying for something, you can get the energy of the star Wen Qu on your desk, accelerating your education progress by leaps and bounds.


  • Stabilise career development and improve leadership
    The Six White, also known as Wu Qu, is effective in enhancing one’s leadership ability, thus promoting the development of your career. It is also effective in improving chances of a pay rise.


  • Promoting relationships and maintaining family harmony
    One of the auspicious stars in the Auralite 23 Nine Palaces of the Purple Wealth is Jiu Zi, also known as the Right Pil Star, which symbolizes marital harmony and a happy relationship. Therefore, having a Purple Star can not only maintain and promote the relationship between husband and wife, but it can also suppress bad karma, bad luck and even discourages the chance of infidelity.


  • Improve your overall luck
    In regards to Chakra points, the gemstones on the Auralite 23 Nine Palaces correspond to all points of the Chakra system, opening up all seven chakras at once. This enhances personal health and improves your overall luck. Because of this, this gemstone is said to have powerful healing abilities and can effectively balance the energy of the whole body.


  • Eliminate negative energy and relieve insomnia
    For those who have difficulty with sleep, the Auralite 23 Nine Palaces is often placed in the right corner of the bed for women, and the left corner of the bed for men. This will prevent nightmares and sleep paralysis, allowing you to have quality sleep.


  • Ward off evil and keep safe
    After special cleansing by a master, the Auralite 23 Nine Palaces can be placed in any part of the house or car to bless the safety of its entry and exit points and prevent car accidents.


*Stones and metal weights are indicative only. Non-contractual values.