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Auralite 23 Seven Star Array



The Auralite 23 Seven Star Array represents the incarnation of the Seven Stars of the Big Dipper, an astrological official belonging to the Purple Wealth Walls, carrying the energies of the Seven Stars of the Heavenly Pivot, Heavenly Xuan, Heavenly Gui, Heavenly Power, Jade Balance, Kai Yang, and Shaking Light; it is also a symbol of the Heavenly Emperor.

The Auralite 23 Seven Star Array is made up of 23 minerals from Canada. This all-natural billion-year-old gemstone contains an extremely powerful aura.


  • Attracting wealth and prosperity
  • Facilitating harmonious relationships
  • Improving persuasion and communication skills
  • Increasing wisdom and helping with academic progress
  • Stabilising career development
  • Improving leadership ability
  • Improving one’s overall fortune
  • Eliminating negative energy and relieving insomnia
  • Warding off evil and keeping safe


*Stones and metal weights are indicative only. Non-contractual values.