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Blessed Incense Powder



This special smoke offering incense was instructed to be made in the Eastern Tantra Tibetan Vajra Guru Lineage of Ganga Dharma Medicine. Each threaded incense cone is handcrafted by tradition, using high quality incense materials and natural plant extracts to bring a unique scent and spiritual experience.

Benefits of Smoke Offerings 

  • Eliminate karma 
  • Attract wealth 
  • Enhances good relationships and attracts noble people 
  • Purifies your own magnetic field
  • Increases blessings


Blessed Incense Powder – 260g  

Its merit benefits: 

  • Removing obstacles and eliminating karma, purifying and removing filth 
  • Releasing of grievances and resolving old wishes
  • Eliminating sickness, increasing wisdom and happiness
  • Benefits sentient beings, enhances good fortune, and completes siddhis

*Stones and metal weights are indicative only. Non-contractual values.