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We specialize in business wealth Feng Shui for retail shops, offices & commercial spaces, also personal Bazi reading & calculation as well as home or house Feng Shui for better interior productive important principles in Chi command positioning. Contact us today for guiding the right path to a good Feng Shui for business success.

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When individuals talk feng shui and attempting to ensure their home has the right equilibrium or chi, do we truly know what that implies? Feng shui is an antiquated workmanship and science that was created north of 3,000 years prior in China. The exacting interpretation of “feng” signifies wind and “shui” signifies water. In Chinese culture, wind and water are both related with great wellbeing. Subsequently, feng shui came to mean favorable luck. In view of the Taoist vision and comprehension of nature, the possibility that land is alive and loaded up with energy, is called Chi.

Feng shui is basically the cooperation of people and their surroundings. It empowers you to impact these cooperating energies to accomplish explicit life upgrades. This impact is acquired by situating or planning your environmental elements in amicability with standards of regular energy stream. Feng shui uncovers how to adjust the energies of some random space to guarantee wellbeing and favorable luck for those occupying it. These frameworks of laws for spatial plan and direction are considered when individuals are planning structures, putting furniture and assets and even bodies. It offers an interesting perspective on components and gives equilibrium, solace, and amicability into your current circumstance.

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Interior design is an art form that not only introduces colors and light to a house but also adds personality, comfort, and good energy.


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Auralite 23 - 1-KDS Fengshui Service - Best Feng Shui Master in Malaysia for Consultation
紫微灵珠 – Auralite 23
Master Addison Foo Incense Powder
Sarira Stupa – 舍利塔
Buy Ammolite in Malaysa
神龙五彩宝石 – Ammolite

The Art of the Peacock

The peacock has been depicted in art since the ancient times and is seen as a symbol of beauty, rebirth and wealth, as well as of sinful pride.

KDS Feng Shui Shop Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Selangor (12)-min
KDS Feng Shui Shop Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Selangor (12)-min
KDS Feng Shui Shop Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Selangor (12)-min

Good Impression of Feng Shui Decorating for Energy Attraction

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If you are looking for a new way to enhance your luck for your business or yourself that won’t cost you more money, you may consider Chinese Feng Shui astrology and astronomy assistance.